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But what's curious is why Nagumo didn't form a Class A majority group. Of course, I do know that Nagumo controls the entirety of the 2nd years but still, bringing his class together in one group should be far safer for this exam.

And then Keisei, fourth in line, got his turn.

"Are you okay with me picking?".

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Keisei asks the group a simple question.

"I don't really mind. There's no telling either way".

Ishizaki and Class D by extension, seem to be fine with leaving it up to Keisei. Class A too, didn't really have any opinion in particular. Class B, yet to voice their opinion, decided after thinking it over.

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"Please choose Nagumo-senpai's group".

Their members seem to be mainly Class Cs and Class Ds but their high evaluation probably comes from the student council president himself being a part of it.

Having received their opinion, Keisei picked the group Nagumo's in charge of.

Afterwards, the discussion continued and the second round of selections ended. Eventually, six large groups were successfully formed.

"Horikita-senpai, we coincidentally happen to be in different large groups. Shall we have a little competition?".

Horikita gave a sharp look at Nagumo, who proposed that. On the other hand, I could hear exasperated sighs coming from the surrounding 3rd years.

Prior to the special exam, Fujimaki of the 3rd years stepped forward as though to complain. I recognized him from the sports festival a while back as a considerably articulate student.

"Nagumo. How many times has it been? Cut it out already".

"What do you mean by how many times, Fujimaki-senpai?".

"You've been challenging Horikita just like this but until now you've never really done anything. But this time around, it's a large scale special exam that involves the 1st years too. We cannot afford to let you act as though this is your personal playground".

"Why is that? There's no such thing as a 1st year or a 3rd year in this school, it's not really strange no matter who challenges who. It's not considered taboo in the special exam's rule book either".