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The fact that right now, Ryuuen has caught me in his trap.

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"Really? Who might that be?".

Perhaps that also roused Kouenji's interest somewhat, as he asks that of Ryuuen.

"No idea. But if I'm not mistaken then there's still one more person here who's covering himself up with a towel and hiding his true strength".

Leaving behind that bomb I really wish he hadn't planted, Ryuuen entered the bath and turned his back.

Fortunately enough, there were only a few people listening to what Ryuuen had to say, but their gazes intensified.

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In all likelihood I felt like it's not just the men in the bath but people from all around Japan who happen to be paying attention.

"No way, a guy like you? Come on, no way".

Saying that, Yahiko approached and glared at me.

".....are you really taking his words at face value?".

"I have no intention of doing that......it's just, I'm curious about how you alone kept hiding yourself".

"Curious or not, I had no intention of joining in from the start".