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Starting point of making money on grassroots online

We hadn’t eaten lunch yet, so we decided to walk around various stalls and try the food there while sightseeing.

「Oh, look, Allen! Butter Potato is on sale! Let’s eat together!」

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Ria quickly found what she wanted to eat, and pointed to one of the stalls.

「Fufu. Ah, let’s go」


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When I nodded, she rushed to the stall with a blooming flower-like smile.

「Excuse me, I’d like two butter potato!」

「Aight, coming right up! Oh, if it isn’t Ria-sama!?」

The owner of the stall was a bear-like woman wearing a blue coat.

She was only a size smaller than Paula-san.

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In other words, she was very large.

And then the bear-like woman,