Is there a profitable profession on the Internet?

Is there a profitable profession on the Internet?

Bao Xu was troubled as well since this was something beyond his capabilities.

Playing games? He could do it.

But planning for a game? He had no idea how to do it.

“I’ve got no clue about this as well. Brother Huang, how do you think we should go on?” Bao Xu asked.

Huang Sibo thought for a moment. “I think that we should get some veteran gamers of the genre to test the game so that they can provide their opinions and suggestions.”

“Please don’t be mistaken, Brother Bao. It’s not that your opinions are not enough, but we’re the ones involved directly after all. Therefore, as much as possible, I think we should still look for other gamers. The greater the sample size, the more accurate the data gained.”

Bao Xu had no objections to it. Instead, he nodded as he felt what Huang Sibo said made sense.

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He was previously in charge of the game’s balance and hand sensitivity.

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Whichever gun he felt needed a change of trajectory or whichever motion felt strange, he would have Huang Sibo arrange for the design team to change it.

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However, Bao Xu was just one person after all. No matter how impressive he was, he merely represented himself.

Yet, the game was targeted for hundreds and thousands of gamers. Who could dare guarantee that their personal preference was representative of all the other gamers?

Therefore, Huang Sibo felt that they should still get some gamers to try the game.

If they could sieve out any issues, they could plan them into the next version’s development so that they could continue to improve the game.

That way, they would have a direction to start on for Huang Sibo’s next step of the game’s development.

“I agree. But, who are you intending to look for? We can’t get people to come help us test our game for nothing. Will they be willing? Do we have to pay them some money?” Bao Xu asked.