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I looked forward. Aguri-san’s trying out a halterneck in front of the mirror. She’s talking to the tall clerk next to her.

For some reason, I feel like that clerk looks really similar to Uehara-kun. Is that why Aguri-san’s tone sounds a bit embarrassed?


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The guy that can’t help but strike up a conversation when he seems like an acquaintance chatting- isn’t me, of course. I just went on with my business and chose my clothes- that should’ve been the case. However, I don’t know why. I can’t do that no matter how hard I try. Instead, I hid between the clothing racks and observed those two.

…It’s fine. There’s no reason for me to do this if Aguri-san’s buying things alone. Even though I don’t, …well, …the problem now is-

“Also, this is just one in our series. I would recommend the sleeveless one here. You have such elegant shoulders. I bet this one suits you.”

The clerk said that as he put the clothes in front of Aguri-san, he lifted her wrists like nothing was wrong.

“Eh, oh, …you’re right.”

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Aguri-san looked a bit freaked out. Her movements were unnatural.

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“Hey, excuse me.”

When my shoulder was patted, I thought someone was about to scold me since I’m doing something wrong for a moment. I hastily turned around. In the end, …I saw a girl that I used to miss.

She still has her warm smile as she continued.

“Oh, it’s really you, Keita-kun! Ah, it’s been a long time! Are you doing well?”

“Ah, you’re Yumi-chan, wait, Sakuma-san?”

That’s my classmate in elementary school before I became a lonely gamer. When we met again, I wasn’t thinking and just called her as I did before. However, it’s not polite to call her that again when we grew up. So, I quickly corrected myself.