What are the online profit?

What are the online profit?

「Kukuku, kakakaka…kugyahahahahahahahahaha…!」

Suddenly he started laughing like crazy.

「Aa…shut up. shut up shut up shut up shut up shut up! You’re a truly creepy bastard!」

He glared at me with his big eyes.

「That! Those eyes! Those bastard eyes are the ones that creep me out… Those eyes that believes in effort… and swordsmanship and such…!」

He paused for a moment, and then cried out.

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「No matter how much a trash swings the sword, trash is trash — trash trash trash! It will not change, no matter how much it swings the sword, no matter how much effort it puts in, trash is trash! Just get that in your head already!」

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After fussing as such, he suddenly stuck out his hand to the empty space.

「I’ll show you… the absolute talent that makes『effort and swordsmanship』seem 『miserable』」

At that moment, tremendous pressure was emitted from his whole body.

This sensation… is the third time following Ria and Cain-san.

(As expected… Sid-san can use it too)

I went on guard and grasped my sword tightly. And he yelled out with a heinous smile.

「Devour – 〈Vanargand〉!」2

At that moment, a huge fissure ran through the empty space, from which a sword appeared. The blade is white like snow, and the hilt is black like the dead of night.

(It’s finally out, soul dress…)

I raised my guard to the maximum level and assumed Seigan no Kamae again.

「This… is the end for you…!」