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Is it true that the online speaking make money?

Why are you blaming it on me now!

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What made Zhao Xuming the most speechless was that Zhu Yan even hinted that he was “favoring one over the other”. In other words, he was helping Bunny Tail live-stream to plot against other live-stream platforms.

Zhao Xuming could not voice out his bitterness. Why the f*ck would he do that?!

Boss Pei is not related to me and we are competitors. Do you think I have nothing better to do than to help him plot against you!

However, it was useless for Zhao Xuming to explain now. That was because it would be easy for people to misunderstand if he tried to push the blame from the outcome.

Long Yu Corporation first sold the exclusive broadcasting rights to Bunny Tail live-stream and then took the lead to find other live-stream platforms to distribute the broadcasting rights. Finally, they took the initiative to propose a thirty-second delay...

He could only say that the blame was very unjust, but it was reasonable.

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Zhao Xuming immediately said righteously, “Boss Zhu, there’s no such thing!”

“At that time, when I suggested a thirty-second delay, it was mainly because Bunny Tail Live-Stream was slightly disadvantaged in the process of this transaction. I only suggested this in order to facilitate the transaction! Didn’t you strongly object?”

“The contract has been signed, and you’re pushing all the responsibility to me. Isn’t that a little inappropriate?”

“In my opinion, Boss Zhu, since this conflict has already happened, we still have to think about how to solve this problem. How about this, I’ll discuss with Boss Chen at Bunny Tail Live-Stream and see if we can cancel the thirty seconds delay...”

“Of course, if you want to change the details of the contract, you must make some concessions in other aspects. What’s more, if Boss Chen doesn’t agree, I can’t do anything...”