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His intuition told him that he had made a mistake at some point during his explanation.

However, it was impossible to take back words he had already said.

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“One thing— There is one thing I forgot to confirm with you.”

He called to the teenager, speaking to their back as they had stopped just before they left the room.

“You aren’t hiding something from me, are you?”

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Even if the teenager was on his side, everyone in the institution wasn’t always on the same page, and Tsukishiro knew that.

If the two of them didn’t see eye-to-eye from the beginning, something that could’ve gone smoothly might end up going awry.

That was why he had called out to the teenager.

Without turning around, the teenager simply nodded their head before silently leaving the room.

Once he was alone, Tsukishiro turned off the lights once again before reshifting his attention back to the screen.

Displayed upon it was all of Ayanokōji Kiyotaka’s data from his time in the White Room.

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“I don’t really like using these types of words to describe things, but… he really is a monster.”

It goes without saying that his academic abilities were excellent, but his physical abilities could put adults to shame.

His track record of fights against professional fighters was lined with nothing but victories.

“A battle between two fellow White Room students… I wonder how it would turn out in a fair fight?”

Of course, Tsukishiro had already devised a clever plan to ensure that he would win.

But even so, victory wasn’t guaranteed.

“It’s hunt or be hunted. It may be a game between children, but it will certainly still be an interesting one.”