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「Aa, don’t worry! A little rest would do the trick!」

As they were convinced, they quickly spun on their heels, they started to chat merrily.

「Hey Rose, how many months do you want? Is it the standard three months?」

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「Ideally three, but the most important thing is the feeling. It might be alright even if it isn’t the worst.」

「Uwaa…You are surprisingly devoted.」

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「I see?」

I have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about, but they seem to get along pretty well.

(Anyway, both of them have great stamina…)

They’ve been standing and walking around for a few hours already now, but they’re still so energetic.

Although I was mentally enduring that out-of-place feeling in this place, I never thought I would go down first.

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(Maybe I’m not used to shopping …?)

While thinking about that, I was looking at both of them absentmindedly – suddenly the window glass of the shop broke into pieces and the crime prevention bell rang.


When I hurried and looked towards the window, there were ten men with black masks stepping into the store with a sword in one hand.

「Don’t move! Everyone silently raise both hands!」

It was a jewelry robbery.

(Shit, for it to happen at this exact time… so unlucky)