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“Then, may I contact everyone and make the group?”

The one who offered to do so was Kushida, to which Horikita had no objection.

It would be no exaggeration to say she was the only person here who knew everyone’s contact information.


Mii-chan rose to her feet, cutting into Horikita and Keisei’s conversation.

“Excuse me. Today, I… Uh, I’ve got something to do, so…”

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“By that… are you saying you want to chase after Hirata-kun?”

Mii-chan nodded her head slightly in response to Kushida’s question.

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With heavy steps, she began to walk out of the room, trying to once again follow after Hirata.

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“Wait. There’s no point in doing something like that right now.”

“That… What do you mean?”

Mii-chan responded to Horikita with a question, the tone of her voice unexpectedly intense.

“He’s useless and broken right now. You’re going to get dragged down right along with him.”

“I, I don’t want to abandon Hirata-kun.”

“I’m not telling you that you have to abandon him or anything like that. Only that he should be left alone for now.”

“Then when are you going to help him?”

“…That’s up to him.”

“You’re wrong. That’s… not true… I don’t believe you!”

With that, Mii-chan went out of the classroom, unwilling to listen to anyone.