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“Do I even need to say it? I’m asking for a person’s ownership as well.”

“Ha!? That’s daring of you. Don’t tell me you want me? Our stats aren’t equal, right.”

“No, I would never want a person like you. I’m only asking for one thing.”

“That is?”

“The ownership of everyone that you arrogantly thought that’s in your control.”

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Obviously, what I’m about to say and do is clearly wrong in the “youth” I finally got recently.

It will destroy my improvement.

It will stall Aguri-san’s relationship.

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It will make Chiaki upset.

Perhaps it will also make Uehara-kun mad too. It’s even possible for him to end our friendship.

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No, …it’s not just that.

The worst-case scenario would be for me to return to my lonely high school life.