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However, the audience silently held their breath, and closely observed the fight between me and Idol-san.

「You are strong… Allen. I never imagined that I would ever lose in swordsmanship!」

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Idol-san said frustratedly, and sheathed both her swords.

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At that moment, I sensed it.

(So… It’s finally coming!)

Tense air began to permeate the battlefield, and the intimidating air surrounding her grew larger.

「If it’s a match without soul dress… You might be the best of our generation.」

「I’ll take that as a compliment.」

『A match without soul dress』- an improbable condition in the battle between first-class swordsmen.

「I want to clash with everything I’ve got against you, Allen!」

The moment she strongly declared so,

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「Fill me up -〈Neba Glome〉!」

Two lances reminiscent of azure lightning suddenly appeared from empty space.