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Otto Technologies had only just been established. It was not possible for it to independently research and develop every part of a cell phone. Thus, ODM was the better option.

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Going for ‘private labeling’ did not mean that the quality would be worse off. There was also nothing embarrassing about it. Most local and foreign cell phones were ODM products. Many cell phone models, including Shenhua, were also completed using ODM. Many Original Design Manufacturers had been designing cell phones on behalf of other companies for a long time. They had good plans for everything from the products themselves to hardware assembly. They also had tons of experience, good quality control, a stable supply chain, and reliable efficiency.

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Some cell phone manufacturers even managed to produce low-end models using ODM that were of better quality compared to high-end models produced using OEM. This was a phenomenon that had confused many consumers.

Of course, things were different for large, stable companies like Shenhua or Pineapple. In those cases, taking over the designing work and creating a flagship model using OEM would increase the high-end brand’s value. OEM would obviously be the better choice.

However, for Otto Technologies, it was still too early to take this step. ODM was akin to private labeling, but they could still create custom cell phones. Of course, the more custom requests they had, the more money they would have to spend.

At that moment, everyone focused on coming up with a general plan for the new cell phone

-in other words, how to integrate the various existing plans.

They spoke freely, to their heart’s content.

“We definitely have to use the latest microchip.”

“We also have to use the best screens, right?”

“The camera can’t be too bad either. In fact, it looks like many flagship models have two cameras now. We have to follow suit, right?”

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“We need to take care of battery life, too. Maintaining a good microchip and screen would require a lot of battery.”

“It should have more internal storage as well, and maybe add some RGB?”

“Wait, we’ll only be purchasing in small quantities. Can we get good microchips and screens?”

“If we can’t, we can always pay more! If we don’t use the best microchips for such an expensive model, we’d be criticized upside-down. We have to get them at all costs!”

They all spoke one after another, obviously excited to include the latest hardware in the cell phone.