Online agent what products are most profitable

Online agent what products are most profitable

It did not matter even if the customers had some personalized needs. Some details could be changed.

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Therefore, Little Zhang decided to take advantage of the situation. He used the model room in Sloth Apartments as the model room for his own building. The model room from before would just be for comparison.

The effect was unexpectedly good.

The girl’s father walked around and was slightly dissatisfied.

“This style doesn’t seem very lively.”

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The girl was unhappy. “Aiya, Daddy, this is lively for us young people. Unlike you, where the entire house is filled with red wood. It’s so boring.”

Little Zhang smiled and explained, “Uncle, our renovation style is mainly for young people. What’s more, we are not lacking in liveliness. Look, our sofa might be a leather electric sofa but the armrest and other parts are made of walnut wood. It’s a combination of tradition and modern design. You won’t feel sick of this style even if you live in it for a long time...”

On the other side, the boy’s father pulled the lad aside.

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“Son, I have no objections to the renovation style, but the developer’s model room cannot be trusted. Do you know how bad the corruption is in the renovations and furniture industry? It’s too good at scamming money!”

“You have to consider two questions now: First, if we buy a house, can we install it like the model room? Second, the entire model room might cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. The price-quality ratio is very poor. Do we have to spend so much money on renovations?”

“If we spend less money on renovations, would the effect be much different?”

The young man nodded. “Dad, I understand what you’re saying. Don’t worry, I’ve already investigated beforehand.”

“This model room is different from the one on the third floor.”