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But violence isn't the only way to disable a security camera. One spray can is more than enough.

The spray will adhere to the surface of the camera and obscure its field of vision. No matter how shock resistant the camera may be, you still won't be able to see anything through it.

"Now there's nothing watching us".

I had conducted research in advance regarding what sort of monitoring system that school has set up.

Out of the hundreds of cameras installed inside the school, only a few of those installed in vital locations display footage in real time. There's no way they could possibly wise up to this abnormal situation right away.

I had already painted over a surveillance camera somewhere else a while ago and reported it to Sakagami myself and got penalized for it.

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As a result, I had points deducted to pay for the cost of cleaning the camera and received a warning. I had asked then whether or not the footage is constantly being observed.

Especially on a day like this where all the students have pretty much left. The school is bound to let its guard down.

"Albert. You stand by a bit below us. Let Karuizawa pass when she comes. And if anyone teachers come, then call my phone right away".

Albert nodded silently and went down the stairs.

I had him stand guard just in case so I'd be able to respond to any unforeseen developments.

"So you painted over the cameras...isn't that grounds for punishment?".

"Just a prank. No big deal".

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"I just hope Karuizawa will come like you said she would".

"She will come. It's a matter of life or death for her. She definitely won't leave it to chance".

Now we just have to wait until it's time.

Around 2 PM. A little before the appointed time, the door to the rooftop opened and a lone student showed up. Our leading actress for the day showed up, her body stiff after bathing in the cold air.