What is the online how to make money?

What is the online how to make money?

The furnishing and equipment within the internet cafe appeared brand new, including computers, keyboards, mouses, and tables, and chairs. There was also a bar counter in the internet cafe that sold coffee and all types of drinks.

However, the layout there was not as lavish as the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and appeared a little cramped. There were many computers available, but their configurations most probably could not reach the standard of those at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes.

All the computers at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes were all assembled by Zhang Yuan. They could run almost all the huge Triple-A games in the market with full special effects. They had an incredibly high configuration.

However, strictly speaking, such configurations were a little wasteful.

Comparatively, the computers at this new internet cafe were a little smarter. They used configurations that could run mainstream games smoothly, and yet their prices should be almost half the computers at the Fish-Catching Internet Cafes. The computers had similar peripherals and appeared similarly glamorous, and yet the difference in their prices was huge.

However, as compared to other ordinary internet cafes, their configurations and environment were considered pretty good.

A few people were giving out flyers at the crossings near the internet cafe. They appeared to be students.

With this internet cafe around to steal customers, it was highly possible that it could make some people, who originally wanted to go to the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, change their minds.

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After all, many people did not have such high expectations for the computers and the environment. They would not choose to travel such a long distance for that.

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The situation at the board game cafe, bars, and coffee shops was similar.

Although the customer volume was not high, their locations were all much better than the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and could successfully steal many customers from the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Pei Qian was delighted.

That’s great! Although Pei Qian did not know who helped him, he remembered that person’s kind deed and would definitely seek a chance to thank him or her in person!

Looking at the current situation-because of the low human traffic in the vicinity, those shops might not be able to profit regardless. However, the only difference was that so many would suffer a greater loss than the others.

The internet cafes should have the best revenues, and the board games cafe should not be far off. As for the bar and coffee shop… Pei Qian was afraid that their situation might not be very optimistic.

That person who opened these shops to help Boss Pei lose money must be a huge philanthropist!