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“Still, everyone knows that you can’t remove formaldehyde. It’s constantly being emitted, and there’s no way to get rid of them in a single attempt!

“Tenants and employees alike have no power. These things don’t get much attention online either. I created a post about this online before, but no one read it or paid attention. I could only let it go.

“That was why I quit working at Home Corporation. I’m disgusted by them!

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“However, Fei Huang Workspace and Teacher Qiao are now highly influential online. If you could expose this problem, many people would pay attention!

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“We just have to hire a few professional organizations that specialize in formaldehyde and randomly invite a few tenants from Safe House for checks. We’ll definitely find that they’ve been overexposed to formaldehyde. We won’t be slandering Home Corporation; we’ll be telling the truth!”

Everyone exchanged confused looks.

Obviously, apart from Song Kai who had worked at Home Corporation before, no one else had thought that Home Corporation’s Safe House would be anything but safe.

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Long-term overexposure to formaldehyde? That could kill!

However, Zhu Xiaoce hesitated. “We are influential online, but... we are directly interested in Tengda and Sloth Apartments.

“If we expose this matter, wouldn’t people think that we’re slandering our competitors on purpose? We will probably look very unreliable to the audience.

“If you hand this over to an independent third-party, it might be more effective.”

Zhu Xiaoce’s worries made sense. Any exposure done by interested parties could easily be viewed as business tactics to slander or attack competitors.

After a moment of silence, Song Kai said, “I haven’t worked in Tengda for long, and I don’t understand Boss Pei that well. Do you think... if Boss Pei knew about this, he would sit back, act like he didn’t know anything, and do nothing?”

Everyone exchanged knowing looks. It was obvious that none of them thought Boss Pei would do that.

Song Kai continued speaking. “If we don’t do anything just because we have interests in the matter, then what would become of those tenants living in apartments filled with formaldehyde and whose health is declining every day? Who would expose this truth?

“I think that Boss Pei wouldn’t think so much. He would do it at once because it’s the right thing to do.

“If Home Corporation wasn’t problematic, we could ignore their slandering of Sloth Apartments and treat them as flies buzzing around our heads. However, if they are hurting ordinary people’s health and we have the power to say something and save those people’s lives, how could we remain silent?”