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Vier. The dream world I imagine. For me, that’s the space where I can face Tre’ainar directly.

No, I haven’t used that magic since I left my match.

『In that world, I can embody the rope jump, so I shall give a direct demonstration there.』

「...... eh!? Ah, you... with that rope... will you jump?」

『Hmmm, be amazed. Once, in the Demon Realm... I held the record of the 30-fold jump.... furthermore, I was deemed the ultimate performer, with my Demon King Technique!』

Tre’ainar had a ridiculously smug look that said “look forward to it”.

But I remembered the first time Tre’ainar demonstrated the ladder steps, and just imagining Tre’ainar jumping over that rope, and I almost burst out.

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I see...... earlier, I had to resist hitting those irritating guys, but now I’ll have to resist my laughter.

『...... Oi.』

「Ah, my bad...」

Of course, the determination in my heart was out of the ordinary. Tre’ainar looked a little bit puffy, but soon returned to his original smile.

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『Well, tis fine. If you can laugh, you should laugh.... once you master the Ultimate Jumping rope technique, everyone will surely be amazed.』

With Tre’ainar full of confidence, the days of training began once again.