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“I’ll admit Horikita’s attitude was bad. But your behavior isn’t very good either.”

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Sudou’s patience seems to have run out.

“So? Her attitude’s way too cheeky for a woman!”

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“For a woman? That kind of thinking is outdated. Don’t be friends with someone like him.”

With that, Horikita turned around, ignoring Sudou to the very end.

“Hey wait! Damn woman!”

“Calm down.”

I held back Sudou who was trying to reach for Horikita.

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Without even looking back, Horikita headed back for the dorms.

“What kind of person acts like that? Dammit!”

“There are many different types of people, you know.”

“Hmph. I hate that kind of person.”

He was watching me cautiously. Sudou grabbed the cup noodles, tore off the cover and started eating.

A little while ago, he also fought at the register—it seems like he has a low boiling point for his anger.

“Hey, are you a first year? That’s our spot.”

As I watched Sudou slurp up his noodles, a group of three boys walked out of the convenience store carrying similar bowls.