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The screen switched as I replied. It split into the top and bottom customization screen.

Main-san shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly next to me.

“Hey, hey, please, Amako? Don’t disappoint me with the ending if you escalated this so much?”

“I couldn’t care less about that. Well, ..it’s just that.”

“It’s just what?”

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After I confirmed the default basic mecha that showed before changing the parts-

-I pressed the confirm button and smiled at Main-san.

“I’m going with the default one on the first battle. You can continue customizing if you want.”


Two shocking voices can be heard from Aguri-san and Mii-chan, who’re the audience.

“Hey, what are you doing, Amanocchi!? The title said it’s <Customized Mecha>. Aren’t you going to customize it!?”

“(gulp) …Is this the so-called…sandbagging…?”

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Mii-chan continued using words that never come out from a little girl’s mouth.

I ignored their insults and remained focused on the screen.

During this time, -Main-san glared at me as she curled up her lips.