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“Aren’t you mistaking him with first place for the censure vote!? Sensei!?”

“No. There’s no doubt about it. He took first place with a splendid total of forty-two votes.”

My classmates all seemed to be surprised. After all, I had gotten more praise votes than there were students in our class.

“You. What did you do…?”

Horikita also couldn’t hide her surprise.

“Like I said, I didn’t do anything.”

Sakayanagi had done all of this by herself.

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“And finally, the student who ended up with the most censure votes, with a grand total of thirty-three votes. I’m sorry to say that it’s you, Yamauchi Haruki.”

Now, Yamauchi took yet another heavy blow.

Before he could even make sense of the situation, he was being told he had to leave the school.

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“T-thirty-three votes!?”

It pretty much confirmed that he hadn’t gotten any praise votes from Class A.

Second to last was Sudō with twenty-one votes. And coming in right behind him was Ike with twenty.

It was clear that his friends were by no means in the safe zone either.

“No! Why!? Why do I have to be expelled!?”

Chabashira approached Yamauchi and put her arm on his shoulder, but he shook it off.


As his friends, Ike and Sudō could only look away.

They had been hoping that, somehow, Yamauchi would make it through the exam, but the only thing they could do is wait for the results.