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It’s bulkier and stronger than anybody I’ve ever gripped.

(I’m sure he’s devoted himself to swordsmanship for an incredibly long time.)

When I was thinking of that,

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Bacchus-san muttered with a grim expression.

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「W-What’s the matter?」

「Kid, this hand… How many years have you been wielding your sword?」

In response to the sharp question that he threw at me suddenly,

「Well, um… About ten years.」

I returned a vague answer.

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In fact, it’s over a billion years plus a decade, but I have to conceal that.

「Bararara, it’s no use playing dumb. You can cheat many others with that, but it won’t work on me. I can see it – the weight of countless years that are accumulated in this hand of yours!」

Bacchus-san came up with almost the same words Rose once said at the Sword Festival.

(…I’m in trouble.)

Leia-sensei told me not to say a word about the 100 million-year button and the hermit of time.

Even if I told him such an absurd story, he would surely not believe me in the first place.