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While I was still in the middle of listening to Tre’ainar, this time Mantis stepped in towards me, and it’s absurdly fast!


The sickle was swung down. That was a close one, too. If I didn’t take half a step back, deep cut. He was aiming at my neck. However, a second and third blow came even during such a horrifying situation.

『The body suitable for combat. The speed to find prey and jump in…』

Not good, I couldn’t get a counter. I could only dodge.

『And, the strength to sustain that super speed and hold the prey once caught, and never to let go… the jaw that bites the prey…』

“D, do, don’t push it!”

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The straight line movement is troublesome. Then, I’ll lead it around with my footwork.

From the blind spot, as if drawing a circle around it…

“See you”

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When I tried to turn left and right, it moved its head in response to me.