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"Honami-chan knows Sakura-san, that's a bit surprising".

Feeling doubt regarding the relationship of those two, Kushida asks that slightly reservedly.

"We know each other from a while back. Right---?".


Feeling more rigid than expected, Sakura said that while avoiding eye contact. Towards that shy gesture, Ichinose inquires but she bears with it.

"But even so.....".

To an extent where it could not be considered rude, Ichinose looks at Sakura's body.

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Cute features and slender yet a well-padded body, and more than anything else, those large breasts of hers were like those of an idol featured on a page.

She ended up looking at that body with a gaze similar to that of a male's. Sakura, who's the type of girl one would want to protect, feels like she could become the most popular girl across the school year if only she were to become a bit more cheerful.

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"Speaking of which Honami-chan, today Kanzaki-kun's also here but about that, could you tell me a little more?".

"Nya? What about Kanzaki-kun?".

Ichinose, who was measuring her distance from Sakura, received such a talk from Kushida and shifted her gaze. Having judged that to be her chance at escaping, Sakura slightly took her distance from Ichinose.

"There's a girl in our class who's interested in Kanzaki-kun, you see. I wanted to ask how things are regarding that topic".