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Now that Boss Pei had validated her move, his suspicions dissipated like smoke.

Could Boss Pei possibly make a wrong decision?

What’s more, just as Director Lin had said, Boss Pei approved the budget estimate of five million yuan without any hesitation. He did not even have a single doubt about doing something as risky as changing the game into a mini-client.

It looked like Director Lin understood Boss Pei many times more than any of them did!

Would this mean that the burden of carrying Shang Yang Games could finally be lifted off the ever-busy Boss Pei’s shoulders?

Pei Qian put down his phone, feeling quite

Lin Wan was doing even better than he had expected!

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Pei Qian had mainly been worried that Lin Wan would fold her arms at Shang Yang Games and not dare to do anything. That would have made her a commander with a polished rod.

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If that had been the case, Lin Wan would not experience strong disappointment in the face of setbacks. She might blame others for it instead of willingly going back to carry on her family business.

However, from the looks of the current situation, Lin Wan was playing her role well!

She was fully cooperating with Pei Qian without even having to discuss things with him!

Not only had she spent so much money, but she also suggested changing a stable web-based game into a mini-client.

Pei Qian knew about mini-clients, but he also knew that this model would never become the main model for web-based games.

It was not so now, and it would not be so in the future as well.

Indeed, some web-based games created mini-clients. However, these were just meant to be the icing on the cake. What’s more, most mini-clients were limited to 50 MB. They did not get bigger than that.