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“How are we supposed to know that? A relatively ugly chick like her could’ve totally done something like that.”

Yamauchi continued to talk mindlessly, without a shred of concern for Ike’s feelings on the matter.

“Oh, I see… Ike, you have a crush on Shinohara, don’t you? So that’s why you can’t admit-”


Ike grabbed Yamauchi by the collar of his shirt.

“Cut it out you guys.”

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Unable to sit still and watch from afar any longer, Sudō forcibly separated the two of them. At the same time, Hirata arrived at the classroom and immediately caught on to the atmosphere of the situation. He approached some of the girls and began to hear out the specifics about the rumors.

Since Shinohara was just denying everything, Yamauchi decided to temporarily change targets to someone else.

“Well then, Hondō~ Are you seriously only into fat chicks?”

Yamauchi turned his attack toward Hondō.

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“N-no way! Absolutely not! Those rumors are downright lies! Right, Ayanokōji? You probably don’t even like Karuizawa, right!?”

Naturally, Hondō also denied everything. He then turned to me for help with escaping the spotlight.

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Everyone’s attention turned to me immediately. Fortunately, Kei and most of her friends hadn’t gotten to the classroom yet.

I responded to him with a nod.


He shouted out as he turned his attention back to Yamauchi.

“Dammit. What the hell? Are they all just lies?”