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“Um… 240,000 points…. E-even so, I’m considered to be someone who has saved up a lot recently!”

Not that I was making an accusation against that.

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Since I was in a similar situation, I was hardly one to assign blame.

“So you’re short 760,000 points?”

I had about 250,000 on my hands. Even if I gave it all to Kei, she still wouldn’t even have half the required amount.

“Kei, you’ve got the Free Ride card, right?”

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“Yeah. How much is that card worth?

“Honestly, I can’t say that it’s a good card. Whether it’s in a good or a bad way, the impact on yourself would be the least out of all the cards, as it’s neither a card that rewards you for effort, nor a card that helps you if you commit a mistake during the exam.”

Since you could only use it to bet on a group that you think would likely win, you could say that it’s at the bottom of the list in terms of value.

“… Sure enough, that’s true.”

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Kei more or less understood that from the start, and sighed in disappointment.

“Kiyotaka, your card is the Trial card, right? It’s a card that has a strong effect if you win, but conversely if you lose it would be tragic… Ah, of course, I know that you’ll have no problem at all. I wanted the Half Off or the Nullify card though.”

For a student like Kei, it was natural that the relief cards feel more valuable than cards like the Trial card.

“It’s not like there’s no hope for the Free Ride card. There are probably also many students who think that the Half-Off card or the Nullify card is worthless. In their eyes, the Free Ride card also holds a certain value.”