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「Just like how there are dead like me who can reason, there are also dead who can’t and will attack the living at first sight. Be very careful.」

Having said that, he walked away somewhere.

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「Curse dispelling amulet he says…」

「I see, it seems like we have to look for it first…」

With a clear purpose, the two were completely absorbed into the world of the haunted house.

「Well, then, let’s go find the curse dispelling amulet.」

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After that, the two of them, who got used to the atmosphere here, came to walk shoulder to shoulder with me.

As we advanced to through the narrow passage, we came out to a wide spacious room

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(There is something here…)

The moment I tried to cross the hall while being slightly cautious, the sound of wings flapping and the ominous cries of ravens resounded.


Ria and Rose hugged me involuntarily. But the trick is not over yet.

Cold wind blew from all sides, and a big doll in red clothes attached to the ceiling began to rattle.


While their eyes were glued to the ceiling,

(So, the ”floor”, huh…)

After checking the ceiling quickly, I calmly shifted my eyes to the floor.