Free play mahjong online

Free play mahjong online

『Do not be there. Not in the sky.』

I don’t dare look up. But right above me. I felt a presence in the distant sky.

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A winged woman was watching from a distance, close enough to swoop down at any time if anything happens.

However, the fact that she’s watching at a distance in this way means that me and Kron are officially authorized to talk to each other.

Then Kron, who had been hiding behind a tree, smiled and showed herself.

A basket in hand that seemed stuffed full of something.

“I brought Earth’s lunch. I thought we could eat it together.”

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“Fufufu, Jamdi’el really seems to trust Earth. She wouldn’t usually allow me to appear in public so lightly, but this time she even said, ‘It doesn’t matter if I’m a little late.'”

Kron smiled without any doubt. Perhaps Jamdi’el wants us to get closer like this so that we can have children smoothly without any problems after I win... but if she’s so blatant about it, what if I really can’t win the tournament?

“Earth’s movements... I was watching.”

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“Hmm? Oh, right...”

“It was so beautiful. Ko, Pyu, Pyu, Bun! Like that!”

Kron excitedly tried to punch me by imitating my shadow. That alone made it clear that Kron herself has not been trained.

“Can I see more?”

And Kron asked so with carefree eyes. The look in her eyes made me feel uncomfortable, so I turned away.

“No, it’s not interesting to watch.”

“No, it’s very nice. It’s as fast as lightning, and it blows wind like a tornado. You move beautifully like a dance, so I could watch it forever.”

Even though I looked away, they were still staring at me. It’s embarrassing.