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In the end, I could only say such throwaway words in a daze.

“Well, Sadiz. I’m sure you’re going through a lot, but we’re here to help you as much as we can, so please take care of us from now on.”

“Th, thank you... for your... help.”

In the end, no one could complain and Kron quickly rounded up the conversation.

Elder Sis Tsukshi also had a strained smile, but she nodded immediately and was ready to welcome her.

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As for me, all I could do was hold my head and wonder how it all came to this.

“Even so, for such a beautiful woman serve Earth~”


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“As the goddess says, I didn’t listen to everything right now... but...... Earth seems a bit naughty, and I’m sure Sadiz had a tough time with you, didn’t she?”

Elder Sis Tsukshi threw a little jeer at me.

I’m not sure what to say about that. I’m sure it was hard for her.

“Ah, but then... I know Sadiz worked at Earth’s house, but... what about Sadiz’s family?”


“Because Sadiz’s family doesn’t know that she’s here, right? I’m sure they’re worried...”

“Well, they would be worried... even if it’s... my father and mother....”

When I answered Elder Sis Tsukshi’s question, everyone had a stunned expression for a moment.