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Online, family story, make money platform

“I’ll give you all an example. Now this is hypothetical, but let’s say my body temperature rises above 38 degrees Celsius.”

Shortly after he said that, a high-pitched alert began emanating from the watch.

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“This is the Warning Alert. Since the sound is only meant to be a warning, it’s automatically configured to stop ringing after five seconds.”

After five seconds, the high-pitched noise stopped.

“However, if any of the metrics continue to stay beyond the prescribed level, the Warning Alert will sound off again ten minutes later.”

As a test, the second Warning Alert went off, the sound a bit louder than the first one.

Once again, the alert stopped after five seconds.

“That was the second Warning Alert. Should the issue persist for yet another five minutes, then─”

The blaring sound of the third alert echoed across the room. It was easily the loudest noise to come from the watch so far.

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“Instead of a ‘Warning Alert’, this final alert is known as an ‘Emergency Alert’. Should this happen, you’ll have 24 hours to undergo a medical checkup back at the starting area. If you disregard the emergency or fail to show up in time, you’ll be penalized with retirement or other potential punishments depending on the situation. Unlike the previous two alerts, the Emergency Alert will sound off continuously unless you manually disable it. Should it go off for longer than five minutes, a faculty member and medical personnel will come rushing to your location based on the watch’s GPS.”

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The idea here was that help would be on the way in the event that a student was grievously injured, immobilized, or unconscious. Naturally, it was of the utmost importance that the alert didn’t sound off unless absolutely required.

“As you must have seen earlier, special tools are required to fasten and unfasten the watch from your wrist to prevent dishonest practices during the exam. With the way it’s configured, the watch will automatically stop tallying points should it be forcibly removed in any way, shape, or form.”

Essentially, this prevented groups from cheating when one of their members fell sick or something. For instance, it would stop someone from taking off their watch and having someone else score points in their place.

“Additionally, should your watch get physically damaged by a strong impact or malfunction for some reason while still under normal operating conditions, the point-scoring functionality will be disabled. Should this happen, you’ll have to return to the starting area to have your watch swapped out for a new one.”

While you wouldn’t be penalized if your watch happened to break or malfunction, it was still quite painful that you’d have to go without earning points. On top of that, it also sucked that you had to go all the way back to the starting area to get it replaced.