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Shibata was probably referring to the time when Sudō fought with Ishizaki and Komiya earlier this year.

Keisei had been quietly listening to their exchange, but at this point, he spoke up himself.

“I know it’s kind of strange to get advice from another class, but I don’t think their behavior is all that surprising. Class D certainly has a bad image, but a certain amount of external pressure is understandable. In fact, we’ve been seeing signs that Class A might be spying on our class.”

“Is that true?”

With a nod, Keisei proceeded to tell them about the Class A students we had seen eavesdropping nearby our classroom.

“Class D is also kinda desperate, so maybe they’re looking to pick up any information they can get their hands on?”

Despite having only listened to Keisei’s explanation for a short time, Shibata appeared to be convinced by what he was saying.

Be that as it may, it certainly seemed like Class B would be the one to sustain the most damage.

“At the most basic level, this exam plays out in our favor, so it’s not unreasonable that they’d do something like that. We should probably expect them to continue their harassment right up until the limit of what the school rules allow them to.”

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This was Kanzaki’s analysis of the situation. That said, the part he hadn’t considered was that Class D was only targeting a small fraction of Class B’s students.

Did they decide that it was too risky to challenge Ichinose or Kanzaki…?

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Or did they have their sights set on something else entirely?

“I don’t really think this is the kind of thing Kaneda-kun would be behind. Maybe it’s Ishizaki-kun?”

“Yeah probably.”

“I know it’s concerning, but we just have to do what we can. We just have to continue working together, choose the right events, and do our very best on the day of the exam. Right?”

The two boys from Class B nodded along with Ichinose’s hope-filled words.

“Are you saying you aren’t gonna take any measures against Class D? Not even basic investigation?”

“Hmm, I don’t think so. We’re gonna focus our efforts on preparing for the ten events Class D come up with next week.”