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Mad, this world has gone mad!

At first, he had thought that working hard to keep Teacher Qiao locked away would mean that Struggle could surely incur losses.

Never would he have expected He An to pop out of nowhere!

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The official Weibo post had also given He An inspiration for some reason, causing him to gain a good position from which to stab Pei Qian squarely in the back!

Pei Qian was completely dumbfounded after reading He An’s analysis. He An said that every creator would express their own thoughts in their works. Yet, Pei Qian wanted to say that he had not!

He had only decided to do this because he wanted players to hate the game!

As for going against all four basic theories of game design, it went without saying that Pei Qian had done that on purpose!

After He An explained all the theories to him, Pei Qian had done the opposite on purpose. Yet, Teacher He had pulled a fast one on him. He had been the one to teach Pei Qian the lessons, and yet he had also been the one to say all Pei Qian’s wrong answers were correct! How ridiculous was that?!

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I really want to know how I can successfully cause a game to fail.

I did everything I could to fail, but you’re telling me that I made one full circle and ended up succeeding instead?!

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It was utterly ridiculous!

Pei Qian was furious. Obviously, Teacher He was to blame for all of this!

You must have left a huge gap in the theories that you taught me. Why else would I still fail to incur losses despite doing the opposite of everything you said?!