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Cui Geng thought about it. He had to take Boss Pei’s opinion seriously.

That was because Boss Pei was the true master of creation!

Boss Pei had personally planned and grasped the general direction no matter whether it was Tengda’s games or movies. These had already been verified and were very successful works.

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Boss Pei’s position in creative writing was much higher than online authors like them. Since Boss Pei said that there was no problem with Cui Geng, there might really be no problem.

“Could it be that I have some potential that I don’t even know about?”

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Cui Geng decided to follow Boss Pei’s instructions and try out Hurricane Comics’ superhero IP.

The ‘inspiration class’ had naturally prepared a large number of Hurricane Comics Company’s comics as an important part of Tengda Corporation’s IP.

Cui Geng picked a few of the more popular ones and returned to his seat. He switched on his reading lamp and earphones to play light music. Then, he sat on his one-person sofa and flipped through them seriously.

In the afternoon...

Cui Geng placed the last comic aside and rubbed his temples with a headache.

He had been reading it from morning until afternoon, he had even been thinking about the plot of these superheroes during lunch. However, the more he read, the more hopeless he felt.

The more he understood, the more he could feel how difficult this mission was!

There was little written information since they were all comics, so he managed to flip through them very quickly. Cui Geng read through a few of the more popular comics and understood the general plot outline. His mind became even more confused.

“This Hurricane Comics Company only occupies 5%!o(MISSING)f the market share in the United States. It is indeed not without reason that the top two comic companies are rubbing it against the ground.”

“Be it the character profile of a superhero or the story plot, there is a huge gap between the standards of the top two comic companies and the rest.”

“I can tell with one look that these stories are not good enough!”

“What’s more, these characters and plots are not very suitable for local readers. It can be said that they had not learnt the merits of the top two comic companies but the flaws have been retained.”

“Isn’t writing about such an IP character suicidal...”

Cui Geng fell into deep melancholy.