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I concentrated darkness on my injuries, and just like that, I was healed.


Lilim-senpai and Ferris-senpai widened their eyes at the sight.

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「I-I didn’t know your darkness had the healing ability… Allen-kun is so bad. Were you intentionally hiding it?」

「No, I just recently learned of it.」

The first time I discovered the healing ability of darkness was in the fight with Idol-san.

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「Well then, shall we get started?」

After recovering from all the injuries I suffered a while ago, I took a step forward towards them with a smile.

「W-Wait, time out!」

「I-I would like you to wait, though!」

They hurriedly requested for me to wait, and began to consult with each other in whispers.

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「What should we do, Ferris? We can never win against an unscathed Allen-kun, right?!」

「Actually, it’s too reckless, but… if we pull back here, Sie will definitely nag us, though…」

「First and foremost, Allen’s darkness is not infinite. Should we avoid close combat and use long range attacks to exhaust his spiritual power?」