The game that makes money online is very dangerous

The game that makes money online is very dangerous

In the end, both teams’ head-to-head ratio stopped at 17 to 12. FV Team successfully won the second round!

Both teams left the stage.

FV team members did not have much of an expression because they knew very well that the game had basically ended the moment they succeeded in swapping lanes.

Since everything was going according to the script, there was nothing to be happy about. There would not be a huge turnaround.

On the other hand, some of the FRY team members were already beginning to break down.

It was especially true for their top player. His eyes seemed to be glistening with tears when he got up and returned to the lounge.

His competition was too difficult!

According to the original tactical arrangement, their jungler should have focused on taking care of the top laner, crazily catching Chaos Misfortune to fatten him up, directly taking over the competition in the middle.

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In the end, he did not expect FV Team’s change of lines to mess up FRY’s tactical arrangements. He, who was supposed to take over the competition, was targeted at level one directly. He realized then that he had become a homeless orphan.

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On the other hand, the other party’s top lane Chaos Misfortune ate soldiers, towers, and wild monsters. The resources that FV team could give him were all given to him. There were no fancy moves to play in the team. He just threw a few skills and got a bunch of kills.

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FRY Team’s top-laner was definitely not convinced. Wouldn’t it be the same for me if I were to play Chaos Misfortune?

There was no difference in the operations of both parties, but because of their tactics and teammates, they ended up fighting until one of them was god-like while the other became rubbish. Who would be convinced?

What was even more infuriating was that no one made any serious mistakes in the two games. However, they felt that their IQ was suppressed and they could not win no matter how they played!

The scene returned to the commentator stand. The expressions of the commentators became even more unnatural.

They might still be using their smiles to express their awkwardness and trying their best to explain the exciting parts of the team battle, everyone knew in their hearts that there was no suspense in this game from the beginning. The few kills that FRY had won were completely irrelevant!