Depending on the network part-time earning project

Depending on the network part-time earning project

“I’ve been a student in this school before. In the same class as you – D class.”

“That’s rather surprising. I thought you are more capable than that, Miss Chabashira.”

“Sigh… In our time there wasn’t an extreme difference as it is now. You could say it wasn’t a three-cornered, but rather a four-cornered battle. Until the time we were approaching the graduation in the third semester of our third year, the difference between A and D class was not even 100 points. It was a close combat where one trivial mistake could break balance.”

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There wasn’t a feeling of bragging in her speech, but rather one of a regretful past.

“So, that trivial mistake happened, didn’t it?”

“Indeed. It came unexpectedly. Because of my error, D class was knocked down to hell. In the end, my goals and dreams of becoming A class collapsed.”

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I thought that was unfortunate, but suddenly talking about such a past troubled me. It was a rather unpleasant feeling.

“I don’t get it. What do I have to do with this personal story?”

“I feel your existence is essential to move up to A class.”

“What should I say? It’s a joke, right?”

Words couldn’t come out as I was happy about being flattered and praised unexpectedly.

“Few days ago a man contacted our school requesting to expel Kiyotaka Ayanokouji from school.”

Miss Chabashira suddenly changed her presence as if the real issue was about to get revealed.

“That’s quite ambiguous. I don’t know who it was, but you ignored his will without expelling me, right.”

“Of course. You can’t expel someone regardless what a third party is saying. As long as you are a student of this school, you are protected by the rules. However… If you cause problems it’s a different story. Smoking, stealing, cheating. If you repeat any scandal, expulsion can’t be avoided.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to do anything.”

“It has nothing to do with your intentions. If I perceive it as a scandal, the expulsion becomes a reality.”

“Are you threatening me?”

I thought her wording was fishy, and I was right.